Like the Dyna-Ranger, the Joyride is a highly-adjustable, 3 discreet transistor, warm, organic, and very amp-like sounding overdrive pedal that offers everything from a subtle bump-up with hair, to punishing, highly-boosted over-the-top overdrive. With Volume, Treble, Bass and "Drive" controls, it is very flexible.


A True Stimulus Package? With a 5 position switch the Highball is a pedal that goes through the range of what we define as:

Distortion: a circuit that ":shapes" or "distorts the signal with a varying levels of boost


Overdrive: a circuit which hits the front end of the source harder, and with variable levels of "dirt", into distortion

With a small footprint and controls for Level, Gain, Range and High Cut, it's a real bang for the buck.


The Lift is a clean, linear, adjustable 9db boost with buffered Low Imp Output. Whether you need a number or two more clean headroom, or to go from 4 to 8 on the volume knob, or 6 to over-the-top compressed, sustaining overdrive, all is available with the Lift.


All the way down to the original glass Mullard OC44 transistor, the "Dyna-Ranger" is a 5 range version of our favorite single germanium transistor treble booster from England used by an array of players from Eric Clapton and David Gilmour to Tony Iommi and Brian May. Going from position 1 to 5, the "Dyna-Ranger" covers all tones from the traditional treble booster to more in the middle "woman tones" to thick and lower Sabbath tones. It is THE perfect sounding boost/drive pedal.

Rounding it off, we've added an "onboard" power converting circuit to allow the use of standard 9V power supplies in place of batteries, and a socket for the transistor allowing the player to try other transistors also found in the original versions of the pedal (SKT275, CV7003, Metal OC44, etc.). Just ask to add any of these transistors to your order for a try.


The Switchazel is an A/B or A+B switching box with buffered Low Imp Output, a 9db clean, linear, adjustable boost, and tuner out. Whether you need a number or two more clean headroom, or to go from 4 to 8 on the volume knob, or 6 to over-the-top compressed, sustaining overdrive, all is available with the adjustable 9db clean, linear "Lift" feature.


In a collaboration with producer Bob Rock we developed the 1x12RB or "Rock Block" made to simulate a larger 4x12 cabinet but with a much more manageable footprint, made from 13 ply imported Baltic Birch it comes closed back with either a Celestion G12M Greenback or the new G12M Creamback, for those who got to Rock!!

Dimensions: 22W x 21.25H x 12D, 37Lbs.


Our 2x12 Fixed baffle cabinet fashioned after our favorite 2x12 played by the "Fab Four". It is square--not tappered from to top to bottom--so it can be used as the bottom cabinet for an original 2x12. Available both open or closed back, or both!

Dimensions: 27.75W x 21.25H x 10.5D, 48Lbs.


Our 2x12 Diagonal closed back cabinet is designed to go with the "Small Club Series." Fits the RSA 23s, RSA 31s and JRT 9/15. Sound is tight and rocking!

Dimensions: 24W x 24H x 12D, 50Lbs.


Modeled to exact specs of our favorite 1968 English straight cabinet, and made with 13 ply Finland Birch.

4x12G - Dimensions: 30W x 29.50H x 14D, 85Lbs.
4x12B - Dimensions: 29.75W x 30.25H x 15D, 98Lbs.


Tuned, open back 1x12 cabinet made from 13 ply Finland Birch. It has a big, focused sound, and is great for recording and small gigs.

Dimensions: 22W x 21.25H x 10.5D, 36Lbs.